Pressure to procreate: inside Hungary’s baby drive – video | News

[ad_1] Hungary has one of the lowest birthrates in Europe, and the prime minister, Viktor Orbán, is spending significant money trying to convince young people to have babies. Leah Green and Ekaterina Ochagavia visit Budapest, where they meet three women of similar age and with very different outlooks on the country’s parenting drive [ad_2] Source … Read more

No one should be penalised if they want to carry on working from home | Gaby Hinsliff

[ad_1] If dating can sometimes feel like hard work, then playing Cupid is evidently no picnic either. Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder of the dating app Bumble, has just given her entire company a week off to recover from what one senior executive (in a swiftly deleted tweet) called “our collective burnout”, following similar gestures at … Read more

Guidance to induce minority ethnic pregnancies earlier condemned as racist | Maternal mortality

[ad_1] Proposed guidance that recommends inducing labour at 39 weeks in pregnant women from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds has raised concerns from doctors and midwives and been branded “racist” by activists. White women with uncomplicated pregnancies should be offered an induction of labour at 41 weeks, according to the draft guidelines from the … Read more

CDC urges pregnant women to get Covid vaccine, finding no increased risk of miscarriage | Coronavirus

[ad_1] The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention urged all pregnant women Wednesday to get the Covid-19 vaccine as hospitals in hot spots around the US see disturbing numbers of unvaccinated mothers-to-be seriously ill with the virus. Expectant women run a higher higher risk of severe illness and pregnancy complications from the coronavirus, including … Read more

New balance: will work be more parent-friendly than ever after the pandemic? | Work & careers

[ad_1] Last month, a video by Maggie Mundwiller, a mother in St Louis, Missouri, went viral on TikTok. It showed her one-year-old son accompanying her to a second face-to-face job interview. (She had asked for an alternative date because she had no childcare. The employer said: “Bring him with you.”) The video featured on Good … Read more

From the archive: Katharine Whitehorn on the housewife’s lot, 1970 | Family

[ad_1] Launching a new series about ‘the housewife and her husband in the age of equality’ for the Observer Magazine of 22 November 1970, Katharine Whitehorn asked, ‘Does a housewife have to be a cabbage?’ ‘To read half the newspapers,’ wrote Whitehorn, ‘you wouldn’t think there was a door in England that didn’t hide a … Read more

Help! My parents won’t accept my move to my wife’s home country | Family

[ad_1] My wife and I have decided to move with our two young sons to her home country. It was a difficult decision and we spent a long time making it, but we believe it’s an opportunity for a better life that we have to take now. My mother-in-law is not well and we have … Read more