‘Love has to prevail’: Pearson sends LGBTQ+ message of support after gold | Tokyo Paralympic Games 2020

[ad_1] “Love has to prevail, really. Whatever shape or form, I think love has to prevail. If you’re born with a disability, if you have a child with a disability, if you’re born with same-sex attraction, if your daughter comes out or your son, then just love them. Nobody wants to be different but we … Read more

Australians hit by ‘Flubot’ malware that arrives by text message | Malware

[ad_1] Thousands of Australians have been hit by a new scam text message known as Flubot, which aims to install malware on their phones. Flubot is a type of malware targeting Android users, but iPhone users can also receive the messages. It tells the receiver they missed a call or have a new voicemail, providing … Read more