England v India: third Test, day three – live! | Sport

[ad_1] 11.11am BST 11:11 WICKET! England 431-9 (Overton LBW b Shami 32) This is only Overton’s fifth Test but he has already played some decent innings. He helped England past their lowest Test score at Auckland in 2018 and almost stopped Australia regaining the Ashes at Old Trafford two years ago. Oh and by the … Read more

England v India: third Test, day two – live! | Sport

[ad_1] 11.05am BST 11:05 43rd over: England 121-0 (Burns 53, Hameed 60) Kohli hands the ball to Ishant Sharma, a show of faith after he set the wrong tone by starting this innings with a nine-ball shemozzle. He goes awry now too, giving Burns a gentle loosener on the pads, which is tucked away for … Read more

England v India: third Test, day one – live! | Sport

[ad_1] 11.56am BST 11:56 WICKET! Kohli c Buttler b Anderson 7 (India 21-3) SKTLAHHJGOL@£&! JIMMY ANDERSON JIMMY ANDERSON JIMMY ANDERSON KIMMY ANDERSON JIMMY ANDERSON! He has bowled beautifully this morning; he has bowled perfectly this morning, and this time he pitched just a tad shorter, inciting the drive, and when it nips away Kohli can … Read more